Can anyone forget, KCR not to accept Modi: Amit Shah


Amit Shah, who settled on a contract with KCR

Karimnagar: BJP national president Amit Shah has been criticized by the public at the public meeting of the KCR, who is afraid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. KCR has not maintained the assurance of three acres of land for Dalits. He said the double bedroom had not completed the construction of the house. KCR said that Dalit was said to be a CEI in 2014. With the early elections, KCR has put additional burden on the people.

KCR government has failed in all the sectors. I have not fulfilled the promise of recruitment of lakh jobs. There are two lakh vacancies in the state but they are not doing it. One lecturer was not replaced in the four-and-a-half years. Asked if anyone would forget the unfairness of Razakars. The reason for Modi’s dismay in December is due to be held in December.

September 17 is officially organized

Amit Shah said that the BJP would be officially held on September 17, 2019, if the BJP has a chance. Nobody forgot the wrongness of the Razakars. One project was not completed within four and a half years. He said 800 of the 1200 martyrs have not received any support. Majlis was not afraid to celebrate the Day of Revelation. BSc, ST and SC are going to be unfair with BC Reservations for Minorities.

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